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   [URL サーバ名] タイプ
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 -[ YukiWiki] euc
 -[;name= RWiki] euc
 -[ WalWiki] euc
 -[ FSWiki] euc
 -[ Hiki] euc
 -[ Xiki] utf8
 ** PukiWiki [#j0d346fa]
 // PukiWiki Official Main Site
 -[ pukiwiki] utf8
 // PukiWiki Developer Site
 -[] euc
 ** Search Engine [#jaaa4e4c]
 -[$1&lr=lang_ja&hl=ja Google] utf8 
 -[ Yahoo] euc
 -[ WikiPedia] utf8
 -[ WikiPedia.en] utf8
 -[ WikiPedia.ja] utf8
 ** 拡張InterWikiName [#q192ea38]
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 -[./?cmd=edit&page= Edit]
 -[./?cmd=search&word=$1&type=OR 検索]
 -[./?cmd=search&word=$1&type=OR Search]
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 -[ ウヰキエリア] moin
 -[ tDiaryUsers] euc

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